InfiNet Wireless presents its latest wireless solutions


InfiNet Wireless is pleased to announce the new R5000-Qmxb base station sector is now available globally, as well as the new InfiLINK XG models operating in the 3 and 4 GHz frequency bands. Purchase orders for the new products can be placed immediately, with shipping expected within your usual delivery timescales.           

The Qmxb is a base station sector with an integrated antenna featuring our cutting-edge beamforming technology. It is a part of the InfiMAN 2x2 Point-to-Multipoint wireless family operating in 5 GHZ frequency band (order number is R5000-Qmxb/5.300.2x300.2x21).

The key advantages of this new product are a major increase in the link stability and a significant improvement in network capacity – twofold or even more. The Qmxb market launch was first announced at the end of May 2017, and we have received excellent feedback and performance results from some of our key customers who deployed the products in their networks both in fixed and nomadic applications.

Please note that the Qmxb supports TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) air protocol only. Therefore, if you are planning to upgrade an existing network which uses the adaptive marker access MINT protocol, it needs to be upgraded to TDMA via a software license (see details in the document "How to upgrade your network from MINT to TDMA").

Please see InfiMAN 2x2 Qmxb datasheet on the product page on the official InfiNet Wireless website for more information, and the User Manual for the operating procedures and guidelines. 


InfiLINK XG in the 3 and 4 GHz frequency ranges

We are also pleased to inform you that we are officially launching our latest additions to the InfiLINK XG family, the high-performance Point-to-Point models in the 3 and 4 GHz frequency ranges with the following modifications:



All the datasheets for the InfiLINK XG new models can be found on the product page on the InfiNet Wireless website.


New InfiLINK XG Software

The software version 1.7.0 includes many new features including:

  • Updated web interface design
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)
  • Instant DFS mode (only available for models operating within 5 GHz frequency band)
  • Wireless link authentication
  • Automatic uplink/downlink ratio
  • Automatic configuration export to a remote device
  • Link availability statistics

The software upgrade user manual can be found on the technical datasheet page. The software is available for download at our official FTP server: ftp://ftp.infinetwireless.com/pub/Firmware/XG/H12/

ATTENTION! Please make sure that the both sides of your point-to-point link are using the same firmware version. Always upgrade the remote unit first.

We are also pleased to introduce a beta firmware ver. 1.7.1 supporting the following new features:

  • Redesigned Switch tab of the web GUI making the configuration more apparent for the administrator
  • When configuring VLANs, the administrator can now set the ranges of VLAN IDs, not just individual tags
  • The spectrum analyzer can scan and display the results for the both polarizations simultaneously
  • "Try" mode has been introduced for safe application of the new configuration

The software is available for download from the Beta section of our official FTP server.


InfiMONITOR ver. 2017.2

The new version of InfiMONITOR wireless network monitoring system includes the following improvements:

  •  InfiLINK XG systems are now supported by InfiMONITOR. The layout has been modified to accommodate this addition including the MCS parameter indicating the current modulation-coding scheme to replace Tx Bitrate and Tx Capacity parameters. The latter have been transferred to the Detailed information tab.
  • Northbound Interface has been designed to integrate InfiMONITOR into an upper-level NMS. The API uses on the REST protocol to provide the data on the network nodes and the links collected by InfiMONITOR.
  • InfiMONITOR now provides information about utilized and free HDD space at the Hard disk tab.

The software is available for download at ftp://ftp.infinet.ru/pub/INMS/InfiMONITOR-2017.2-x86_64.iso


InfiPLANNER New Features

The new version of InfiPLANNER has multiple improvements aimed to provide a better ease-of-use. Also, when exporting your links to KMZ, the file will contain the link data which will be displayed in Google Earth.

InfiPLANNER now supports the R5000-Qmxb and InfiLINK XG 3 and 4 GHz models.

Try InfiPLANNER now at https://infiplanner.infinetwireless.com


New Power Injectors

All InfiLINK XG systems are now supplied with IDU-BS-G (60W) AC power injector instead of IDU-BS-G.

The IDU-LA-G DC injector has been redesigned to fully support InfiLINK XG systems. The redesigned version is marked as IDU-LA-G (V.01).

Detailed information about power sources is available on our website: IDU-BS-G (60W) and IDU-LA-G (V.01).

Power features of all models of wireless devices are described in the "InfiNet Wireless devices powering" document available in the "Downloads" section on the company's website.


Documentation Updates

"TDMA and Polling: application features" has been added to the InfiNet Knowledge Base. The document describes the basics of each of the protocols and provides the guidelines to achieve the best network performance in a variety of different environments and scenarios.

InfiNet Wireless technical documentation can be found at http://infinetwireless.com/wiki/display/DR/Technical+documentation