Dubai World Trade Centre
Infinet Wireless has announced its plans to participate in GITEX Technology Week, to be held in Dubai, UAE from December, 6-10.
Webinar: How to ensure the Infinet equipment reliability and faultless
Dubai World Trade Centre
The products reliability depends on many factors: on used materials, operating conditions, quality control, workers skills, and, of course, on the design ideas embedded in the product itself.
MWC - 2021
MWC Barcelona is back from the 28th June to the 1st July 2021
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Wireless Network for Train-to-Ground projects
Wireless technology allows for high-speed Internet access for passengers as well as stable voice communication throughout the train journey. A number of issues that are specific to railways can also be solved effectively through the implementation of wireless connectivity, namely establishing an interactive and automatic system that can control and register ticket and to connect every train to a corporate data transfer network. These measures ensure full control over train schedules and allow for a timely response in the event of an incident.
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Infinet Wireless Online Conference 2020
This year’s Annual Conference will be delivered by Infinet Wireless in a new and exciting way as an online event. Please join us on July 28th at 3:00pm GMT for the opportunity to gain insights into the latest Infinet Wireless solutions and associated tools in a series of detailed, expert-led sessions.