In their simplest form, Infinet solutions have been deployed by many organisations to provide Ethernet extensions (i.e. LAN-to-LAN) via an affordable, dedicated, point-to-point connection operating at bandwidths of 10, 100 and 1000 Mbps, between two locations.


  • VPN and QoS support
  • Full set of Security features
  • Long distances and greater throughputs
  • Unlicensed frequency bands
Enterprise and Corporate Networks


Since its inception in 1993, Infinet Wireless has helped hundreds of small, medium and large business organisations to meet their requirements for high-speed broadband Internet access in difficult and often remote locations. Oil and gas major players such as Aramco, Yukos, Gasprom, and SurgutNefteGas have all relied heavily on Infinet Wireless solutions as an integral part of their corporate networks.

Infinet Wireless’s wireless systems are ideally suited for creating large city-wide or regional transport networks, and have been deployed many times around the world in campus-style topologies or for the connectivity of distant company branches or warehouses. These types of solutions are ideal for multi-site companies looking to improve efficiency and save costs by replacing legacy networking technologies - such as ATM and Frame Relay -  or by moving away from traditional leased lines from their local operators.

In their simplest form, Infinet Wireless's solutions have been deployed by many organisations to provide Ethernet extensions (i.e. LAN-to-LAN) via an affordable, dedicated, point-to-point connection operating at bandwidths of 10, 100 and 1000Mbps, between two locations.

In their most advanced configurations, Infinet Wireless's solutions are able to provide a complete infrastructure that  that enable organisations of all sizes to connect all of their remote sites to the headquarters or even with each other (i.e. ‘any to any’ connections), thereby allowing the simultaneous transmission of multi-protocol, voice, video, and data across the network.

Why Infinet Wireless equipment is optimal for Large Corporate Networks?

  • Higher Throughputs

    Unlike residential customers, corporate clients usually require far higher capacities to cater for their diverse range of voice and data applications. Infinet Wireless’s solutions have been designed to deliver these high throughput capacities and provide organisations of all sizes with multi-megabit access both to external resources (Internet) and to local network resources (Intranet), thereby significantly improving employee productivity by giving them real time access to critical resources, wherever they are located.

  • Triple Play

    As today's businesses demand ever more services to be delivered over their networks  combined with greater capacity and availability, the challenges for infrastructure providers such as Infinet Wireless has never been greater. Instead of simply connecting people and offices, the benefits of Infinet's IP-based platform extend even further by enabling the seamless integration of voice, data and video applications within a single IP network infrastructure, thereby helping organisations align their communications more closely with their business processes and ensuring the right information reaches the right people quickly and efficiently.

  • Security

    From its inception in 1993, Infinet Wireless has always ensured that security concerns are built into the heart of its products and solutions, thereby protecting business critical information while continuing to allow a flexible access of the available resources. Network security has been integrated into the fabric of all Infinet Wireless products, helping to provide users with information privacy, protection against web threats and control their access to corporate resources. Infinet Wireless solutions provide a best-in-class set of security features, including built-in IP Firewalling, tunnelling and network intrusion protection.

  • Quality of Services

    The Quality of Service (QoS) management built into Infinet Wireless solutions is designed to ensure that users receive the level of service responsiveness they expect, while expenditure on system upgrades and enhancements are kept to a minimum. All Infinet Wireless solutions are delivered with built-in QoS features such as priority queuing, IP TOS/DiffServ, traffic limiting/shaping (absolute, relative, mixed) and traffic redirection.


  • LAN-to-LAN connectivity
  • Privately owned corporate networks
  • Connecting remote branches, offices, ATMs, etc.

Success Stories

Enterprise and corporate networks Enterprise and corporate networks
Mondelēz International, Saudi Arabia/USA
InfiNet Wireless delivers high quality connectivity to Mondelēz International
Mondelēz International Inc. is a major US multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate, employing more than 100,000 people around the world.
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Enterprise and corporate networks Enterprise and corporate networks
Agricultural Business Holding (ABH), Russia
Development of a fixed wireless network for ABH Miratorg, using InfiNet’s SkyMAN R5000 solution
ABH Miratorg is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of meat in Russia. Because of the high overhead costs and low-bandwidth that the satellite network offered, Miratorg’s management decided to build its own secure network on more reliable radio-based technology.
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Education Education
Broadband wireless connectivity for banks and schools
Broadband Wireless Access applications are no longer limited to delivering Internet & Voice services for residential, corporate and government subscribers.
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Enterprise and corporate networks Enterprise and corporate networks
Wessex Water, the UK
InfiNet Wireless Helps Wessex Water to Tap into Renewable Communications Technologies
Following a full assessment, of a number of vendor options available on the market, McKelvie Solutions selected InfiNet Wireless’ technology as the optimal solution to meet Wessex Water’s requirements.
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Financial services Financial services
Khushhali Bank Limited, Pakistan
InfiNet Wireless helps Pakistan's Khushhali Bank to reach a wider audience in its mission to reduce poverty through Microfinance
Real Solutions acted as the system design authority for the network solution, with the full support of InfiNet's local office in Pakistan, providing complete design, planning and delivery of the entire broadband wireless network.
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Mining Mining
PT Saptaindra Sejati, Indonesia
InfiNet Wireless solve network connectivity challenges for a leading Indonesian mining contractor
The Saptaindra Adaro mining site, located in Tanjung Tabalong in the South Borneo region of Indonesia, is one of the most significant coal mining sites in the area and one of the major economic contributors in the region.
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Enterprise and corporate networks Enterprise and corporate networks
Regal Springs, Mexico
Infinet Wireless Implements Cost Effective Solution To Improve And Accelerate The Supply Chain of Regal Fish Farms
Regal Springs fish farms needed to find a new and cost effective wireless infrastructure which performed better than their current platform, and this had to be done in a short period of time in order to support the company’s fast growth.
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Transportation Transportation
Red Funnel Feries, UK
Infinet Wireless and Trellisworks Provide High-Speed Ethernet Network Connectivity for Red Funnel Ferries
Red Funnel approached Trellisworks, a UK-based company that specialises in wireless connectivity, IP-CCTV and mobile data routing to find the best fit solution, one that is future proof and scalable
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Transportation Transportation
KTZ, Kazakhstan
High capacity connectivity for the Kazakhstan Railway Network
Infinet Wireless, in joint partnership with the local systems integrator KRIS-Service, has successfully implemented a state-of-the-art Train-to-Ground infrastructure which provides a high capacity Internet connectivity on board passenger and cargo trains in Kazakhstan.
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Oil & gas Oil & gas
AxURE Technology, Colombia
Infinet Wireless offers a cost-effective solution and improves connectivity for AxURE Technology’s network across oil fields in Colombia
Colombia, situated in the northwest of South America, is the fourth largest economy in Latin America.
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Transportation Transportation
Airports of Thailand, Thailand
Infinet Wireless helps AOT to improve connectivity in Thai Airports
Airports of Thailand plc (AOT) is the governing body of Thailand’s six international airports and is responsible for the upkeep, management and development of these airports.
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Utilities Utilities
SAPAL, Mexico
Updating SAPAL’s network infrastructure and last mile links to improve connectivity and capacity
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Enterprise and corporate networks Enterprise and corporate networks
Exportadora de Sal, Mexico
Upgrading existing wireless infrastructure for salt suppliers from the mainland to the coast of Mexico
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Health Care Health Care
Cartagena, Colombia
Infinet Wireless helps to improve health and care services in Cartagena de Indias
Infinet Wireless solutions replaced a wireless platform which suffered from major delays, data transfer and exchange, however, with the implementation of the new Infinet equipment, greater operational efficiency was achieved as well as service optimization.
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Enterprise and corporate networks Enterprise and corporate networks
National Bank of Oman, Oman
Infinet Wireless provides Oman’s largest local bank with reliable connectivity for everyday banking services
To address the issues faced by NBO, Infinet Wireless deployed a Point-to-Point (P2P) solution in Muscat over distances between 5 and 10 kilometres.
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Service providers Service providers
Acapulco, Mexico
Infinet Wireless solutions are part of Mundo Imperial’s Autocinema Acapulco, the largest Mexico’s drive-in
The ongoing pandemic has been a catalyst for change in both business and the leisure industry. Companies have had to reinvent themselves, transforming their economic, social and entertainment activities entirely. For this reason, Administradora Pacífico Imperial has created a new entertainment space in Mexico, the Autocinema Acapulco Mundo Imperial. Now Mexico’s largest drive-in, it features wireless connectivity from Infinet Wireless point-to-point solutions.
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Enterprise and corporate networks Enterprise and corporate networks
Muscat Overseas Group, Oman
Infinet Wireless solutions chosen for backing up important data by Muscat Overseas Group
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Health Care Health Care
IBN Sina Group, Oman
Acclaimed Omani medical company IBN Sina Pharmacy LLC selects Infinet Wireless solutions to seamlessly connect its vital institutions
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