InfiMONITOR - Network Monitoring System

InfiMONITOR - Wireless Network Monitoring

InfiMONITOR is a monitoring system controlling health of wireless network, built using equipment produced by InfiNet Wireless.

InfiNet team doesn't just produce equipment for wireless access, we're also trying to design a comprehensive ecosystem, which creates conditions for the most effective use of our products.

That's why we're paying a great deal of attention to solving tasks, associated with monitoring and centralized management of wireless networks. Monitoring system will help you timely respond to changes in wireless network, increase its manageability and scalability.

InfiMONITOR monitoring system is supplied as a distributive, designed to deploy in the customer's proprietary infrastructure both on virtual machine and on dedicated server. Due to high automation level, the system launch will not take a lot of time. Mechanism of automatic discovery of wireless devices will find them and add. So, you can start to get new data about wireless network health within several minutes after InfiMONITOR is installed.

For effective control of wireless network health, the product provides display of network nodes and wireless communication channels as a list and network map, where the provider can get values of key parameters, such as:

  • Utilization level of communication channel.
  • Current health of network node and communication channel.
  • Level of mistakes and repetitions, occurring during data transfer.
  • Signal level.
  • CPU utilization level.

InfiMONITOR includes all necessary software components (operational system, DBMS, etc.), optimized for continuous monitoring and storing data of both small and large wireless infrastructure, containing hundreds and thousands of network nodes.

You can already download InfiMONITOR distributive, the product includes license, allowing to monitor up to 20 devices for free.

Download InfiMONITOR iso / 925 Mb

InfiMONITOR key features

  • Display of the wireless network structure with metrics about network nodes and communication channels in real time on the network map.

  • Creation of diagrams based on different parameters of network nodes and communication channels.

  • Automatic tracking of changes and creation of events according to the configured rules.

  • Email-notifications to the responsible employees about critical events.

  • Lists of network nodes and communication channels with ability to view values of all parameters.

  • Automatic discovery of network nodes and connections between them using WANFleX OS features, which provide information on neighboring network nodes.

Network map

  • Every network node is shown by a color token, showing health of the network node, maximum priority, and number of relevant events.

  • Geographic map mode with automatic connection of network nodes to their physical locations.

  • Automatic graphical highlight of network nodes, with health indicating their unavailability.

Change analysis

  • Change analysis is shown on two data views: on a diagram and is a summary table.

  • Creation of diagrams with parameter values for network nodes and wireless communication channels within arbitrary period of time.

  • Long-term storage of historical data.