InfiMONITOR - Network Monitoring System
Web-based visualization environment

InfiMONITOR Network Monitoring System.

InfiMONITOR is a Network Monitoring System that enables service providers to monitor the status of InfiNet Wireless systems in their network from a network operations centre.

InfiMONITOR is implemented as a plugin for the Cacti open-source graphing tool. It providws a web-based visualization environment for network administrators, allowing them to benefit from its sophisticated graphing functionality and a suite of ready-to-use tools for monitoring the performance of InfiNet Wireless' network infrastructure.

Download InfiMONITOR iso / 925 Mb

Network Layouts

  • Links view
  • Hosts view
  • Alarm dashboard
  • Event log
  • Map view (Roadmap item)
  • Hierarchical view (Roadmap item)

Graphing Features

  • Automatic creation of graphs for key parameters

  • Unlimited history

  • Analysis tools


  • Hosts and links auto discovery using OS WANFleX SNMP proxy functionality

  • Automatic addition of discovered units