Success Stories

Kapulan Provides Wireless Internet Solutions for Businesses across Hungary Using InfiNet Wireless Products

Sector: Service providers

Kapulan had been using Point-to-Multipoint technology for public internet access and required a solution that could also deliver a high quality connection for businesses in the overcrowded 5 GHz spectrum.


InfiNet Wireless helps Pakistan's Khushhali Bank to reach a wider audience in its mission to reduce poverty through Microfinance

Sector: Financial services

Real Solutions acted as the system design authority for the network solution, with the full support of InfiNet's local office in Pakistan, providing complete design, planning and delivery of the entire broadband wireless network.


InfiNet Wireless solve network connectivity challenges for a leading Indonesian mining contractor

Sector: Mining

The Saptaindra Adaro mining site, located in Tanjung Tabalong in the South Borneo region of Indonesia, is one of the most significant coal mining sites in the area and one of the major economic contributors in the region.

Saxony, Germany

Saxony, Germany: Breitbandnetz-Sachsen uses InfiNet Wireless to Deliver World - Class Wireless Local Loop

Sector: Service providers

Following a set of successful trials, NU and Breitbandnetz-Sachsen decided on the InfiNet Wireless range of point-to-multipoint products as the solution of choice for its local loop wireless MAN (Metropolitan Access Network) deployments.


InfiNet Wireless Helps Wessex Water to Tap into Renewable Communications Technologies

Sector: Enterprise

Following a full assessment, of a number of vendor options available on the market, McKelvie Solutions selected InfiNet Wireless’ technology as the optimal solution to meet Wessex Water’s requirements.