InfiNet Wireless ensures that operators using its solutions are able to provide their customers with connectivity with tens and hundreds of megabits per second

The company discussed the trends related to last mile wireless fixed solutions with other industry leaders and introduced a number of its most advanced solutions into the Russian market at the Sviaz 2017 exhibition in Moscow.

InfiNet Wireless, a leading global manufacturer of broadband wireless solutions, showcased its latest technology during the Sviaz 2017 exhibition which was held between April 25th and 28th in Moscow, Russia.

Sviaz is the largest international information and communication technology exhibition in Eastern Europe. Every year, it becomes the platform for advanced market achievements and new technologies, and is also a meeting place for industry leaders and professionals from the telecoms and IT world.

At its booth, InfiNet Wireless introduced to its regional audience a number of its most advanced products, one of them being the InfiLINK XG 1000, a point-to-point family of products with a bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps and simultaneous use of two 40 MHz frequency channels. This wireless solution is specifically designed for wireless Internet service providers as well as oil and gas enterprises, all wanting to build high-performance backhauls. The performance of this innovative solution is double that of the InfiLINK XG, which was already considered to be the most spectral-efficient InfiNet Wireless product. However, this new family of products is now extended with a number of new models operating in 2, 3 and 4 GHz frequency bands, allowing the company to serve new markets not normally targeted. 

The updated InfiMAN 2x2 product family is now supplemented by the R5000-Qmxb model, a base station sector with a brand new integrated beamforming antenna. This new design significantly increases network performance and reduces the negative impact of any external interference source. In addition, the InfiMAN 2x2 portfolio has been extended to now offer subscriber units with an increased output power of 300 mW (25 dBm) and advanced integrated antennas.

​ ​This year, InfiNet’s partner, IT-Wave, joined the company at the exhibition.

IT-Wave showcased its brand new mobile video surveillance system that allows the transmitting of video signals to a centralised monitoring centre, all deployed from start to finish within just half an hour. The solution showcased during the exhibition was installed on a portable telescopic mast and consisted of an InfiNet R5000-Smn unit, a high-resolution camera and an associated power source. More than a dozen of such off-the-shelf solutions have been delivered to oil and gas companies, some of which have already been successfully used to avoid the consequences of industrial accidents.

Within the framework of the exhibition conference programme, InfiNet Wireless took part in a round table discussion organised by the Last Mile journal. Leading experts of the telecommunications market discussed the prospects for the development of last mile wireless fixed solutions.

InfiNet’s CTO Andrey Koynov noted in his round table speech: "Wireless operators currently face such problems as lack of frequency resources and a high level of interference, as well as intense competition from alternative technologies. As a manufacturer, we are continuously working on developing new solutions, increasing the efficiency of wireless platforms in the legacy frequency bands, as well as opening up new frequency ranges. Unlike in many overseas markets, the frequency range of 5 GHz in Russia is fully licensed, and the choice of the ranges for deploying wireless channels according to the notification procedure is limited to 2, 4, 60 and 70-90 GHz. There is also a number of emerging frequency bands including 28 and 42 GHz. We strive to ensure that operators using our solutions can provide their customers with connectivity solutions capable of achieving tens and hundreds of megabits per second."


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