InfiNet Wireless Offers Wireless Solutions for ASTEL Company

ASTEL, Kazakhstan Sector: Service providers

ASTEL’s largest broadband network, which was based on InfiNet Wireless’ solutions was constructed in Kazakhstan and they have been actively using InfiNet Wireless' equipment as "last mile" solutions successfully since 2005.

InfiNet Wireless Offers Wireless Solutions for ASTEL Company

ASTEL is the largest service provider and system integrator in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main activities of the company are the provision and implementation of telecommunications services in Kazakhstan, along with the construction of corporate data and voice transmission networks.

Due to the rapid growth ASTEL's customer base, need for a reliable, technical solution which provides a high quality and a stable performance with minimal operational and capital investments became obvious. The equipment’s ability to cope with extreme weather conditions was also a significant deciding factor, therefore ASTEL yet again opted for InfiNet Wireless’ solutions, which stood out from its business rivals.

The potential equipment had to solve a range of problems including relaying on different types of traffic for lengthy distances, increasing the number of connected subscribers, fast deployment, reliability, and high speed of data transmission. Numerous tests of broadband wireless access systems of various manufacturers were carried out and only InfiMAN 2x2 Point-to-Multipoint solution demonstrated the required stability and reliability in extreme weather conditions. This product offering from InfiNet Wireless can withstand a high level of interference and also proved to be the most financially viable.

ASTEL Company ranks first in the number of installed and operated satellite earth stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and it has regional departments in all administrative centers within the country. ASTEL has been successfully using InfiNet Wireless' equipment as its key "last mile" solution equipment provide since 2005. InfiNet Wireless provide the “last mile” solutions for many medium and large corporate customers, including territorial and remote settlements.


  • Cost-effective solution;
  • High-capacity longhauls;
  • A stable operation in fog, snowfall and low temperature conditions;
  • Flexible support of various types of data traffic;
  • Extensive support of VLANs & Quality-of-Service.


  • 154 InfiMAN 2x2 Point-to-Multipoint Base Stations with thousands of Subscriber Terminals.


  • The scalable solution allowing to connect a big number of subscribers;
  • City-wide and region-wide coverage;
  • Stable operation in fog, snowfall and low temperature conditions;
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX.