InfiNet Wireless' Second Partner Conference in Latin America

InfiNet Wireless hosted its  2nd LATAM Partner Conference in Playa del Carmen, a main resort area in the Mexican Riviera Maya, situated 60 km south of Cancun. The turnout was a great success with participants from 12 countries.

Having developed the LATAM regional market actively for the past 3 years, InfiNet Wireless currently has more than 30 distributors fully trained on its solutions, and has established its own commercial and support offices in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. The net result of this presence is the deployment of thousands of wireless links across the entire Latin America region, from the southern-most parts of Argentina to remote villages in northern Mexico.

This conference has proved a great milestone following the one held in Punta Cana the previous year, with many partners sharing with the audience their new projects deployed in various market verticals. In Chile, for example, InfiNet Wireless solutions were installed at the largest mountain skiing resort near Santiago. The ski tracks lie at a height of 3,200 meters, with 40 lifts providing easy access to visitors up and down the resort. Many sports and entertainment events are regularly organized in this ski resort, with an Infinet-based wireless infrastructure providing a reliable and robust platform for video transmission, data transfer, telemetry as well as Internet access for the entire resort.

Another shared success story was the deployment of InfiNet solutions in León city, Colombia, where the customer needed a reliable wireless solution for servicing water supply and waste treatment facilities, as well as offering urban water cleaning and plant irrigation systems. The municipality-owned water management company successfully connected a number of its remote offices with its headquarters using Infinet’s latest PTP and PMP broadband wireless solutions. This operational network is now heavily used for all maintenance services, the automation of wells and the control of water purification stations, whilst at the same time providing inter-office data connectivity and VoIP communication.

Many other projects discussed during this conference were directly related to homeland security and video surveillance applications. Due to the sadly high crime rates in many Latin American countries, authorities of all sizes across the region are constantly deploying state-of-the-art video surveillance networks to ensure the safety of their citizens and visitors. Infinet’s innovative solutions for this vertical market are in high demanded because they have been tailored specifically for carrying video transmission with the highest definition possible thus enabling law enforcement agencies and security agents to reliably monitor activities in both urban and rural areas, in real-time and 24/7.

This conference saw the launch of many new wireless solutions from InfiNet. For instance, we unveiled the InfiLINK XG 1000, the latest addition to our Point-to-Point product portfolio. Designed specifically to meet the backhauling needs of wireless internet service providers (WISPs) and enterprise backhauls for applications like digital oilfields, the InfiLINK XG 1000 is able to provide throughputs of up to 1 Gigabit per second over the air in 5 GHz license-free frequency bands, effectively doubling the capacity of InfiNet's previous highest performing product, the InfiLINK XG.

We also unveiled our new generation InfiMAN 2x2 product family, complemented by a brand-new smart antenna base station sector unit, known as the Qmxb, and a new range of subscriber terminals fitted with 300 mW (25 dBm) radio transmit modules. These latest additions to our Point-to-Multipoint family were designed specifically for high-density WISP applications, video surveillance deployments in areas where unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum is congested and for Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) wireless connectivity in urban environments. This new base station utilizes an intelligent technology of narrow beam formation and not only  enables system performance to increase by up to 50 % but it also significantly improves network "immunity" against interference.  

A number of practical workshops were also organized for the participants, with hands-on demos of the latest versions of InfiMONITOR, the company’s network monitoring system, as well as InfiPLANNER, our cloud-based point-to-point link planning service. 

As has always been the tradition in InfiNet’s past conferences, many distributors, system integrators and individuals were recognized for their contribution to the Infinet brand and success, and were awarded various certificates during a very entertaining gala dinner. The main categories were: Best InfiNet partner in Latin America for 2016, Best project of the year and Best Individual Contribution.

Carlos de la Madrid, Regional Business Development Manager for LATAM at InfiNet Wireless said: "The countries of Central and Latin America are strategically important for InfiNet Wireless in many ways, not just for the contribution to our sales figures. This year alone, we organised 4 big events in the region and our firm intent is to significantly strengthen our position as one of the key players in the wireless arena in the LATAM market. Our company will continue to invest in the region and is already stepping up its presence in a few selected countries". 


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