InfiNet Wireless announces the launch of InfiPLANNER cloud-based point-to-multipoint (P2MP) link planning service

Just a year ago, the first version of InfiPLANNER – which allows for carrying out estimations for link throughput, distance and availability at the stage of planning and building of a wireless network – was released for point-to-point link planning. Since then, the solution has gained widespread use among InfiNet Wireless customers.

The new cloud-based point-to-multipoint link planning tool supports all products of InfiMAN 2x2 family.

For point-to-multipoint solutions, an unlimited number of subscriber terminals and base stations is  set up on a geographic map, each of them including up to six sectors. Easy-to-use visual service tools allow for adjustment of the orientation of each sector by the azimuth and tilt angle for exact degree.

In addition, the point-to-multipoint version implements the global search feature, as well as the option for viewing path profiles for multiple communication channels at the same time.

For the InfiNet research and development team, user experience is of the highest importance, so InfiPLANNER P2MP effectively incorporates design and key controls of the point-to-point version. We hope that the new mode will help customers make the most efficient and convenient use of InfiNet Wireless products.

InfiPLANNER planning service is available at


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