New InfiMONITOR 2016.4.1 Update

InfiNet Wireless is pleased to announce a new update for InfiMONITOR, its Network Monitoring System which allows service providers to monitor the status of networks formed through InfiNet Wireless systems from a network operations center.

The update consists of various features and multiple improvements and bug fixes, including the following changes:

New geo-referenced network map, which will display hosts with specified coordinates on the map according to their physical location. Nodes with unspecified coordinates will be shown in a separate list.
Change to the representation of hosts on the network map. Every host is now marked with an icon displaying the following information:

  • Host status
  • The highest priority among the current events of the host
  • The number of host's events

When troubleshooting, the status of the specific network node is now displayed with minimal scale of the network map. If the status of the node is not UP, its name will be displayed with the minimum scale of the network map.
Additional parameters of communication channels, including:

  • TX Power, dBm
  • Current Level, dBm
  • Retries, %

Restructured mechanism of host deactivation, which now leads to the release of the license obtained by it. Earlier license release and deactivation were carried out separately.
Other bug fixes and improvements, including a solution that prevents the display of "unnecessary" network adapters in the service mode when InfiMONITOR is running on a virtual machine, as happened previously.

The new version can be found here:

An automatic update is also available.