Fast and reliable broadband access in major seaports

Any-Port, France Sector: Transportation

Any-Port designed an advanced broadband wireless access network, incorporating cutting-edge equipment from InfiNet Wireless, to avoid the typical problems experienced by most Wi-Fi users and subsequently to allow yachts a reliable internet service in port.

Fast and reliable broadband access in major seaports

Historically, it has been difficult for yachts to get reliable internet services in port, either via fixed line or with wireless access. Due to the limitations of Wi-Fi technology, existing services are expensive, specific to one port and often unreliable.

Any-Port, a company founded in 2005 to provide business broadband wireless connectivity to the international yachting community in the Western Mediterranean and Caribbean areas, decided to take a new approach to broadband wireless technology, and in doing so, solved these problems by providing a high-quality, high-speed and highly reliable wireless connection in multiple ports, all accessible for one monthly payment by customers. Fast download and upload speeds are guaranteed with the service and an “always on” broadband connection is delivered for everyone on board, both in port and at anchor in the immediate area of the port.

Any-Port’s core business model is to provide port and anchorage-based broadband access in the French, Italian and Spanish Rivieras. Current and targeted customer segments include private and charter yachts in the Coastal areas of Southern France, Western Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Eastern Spain, the Balearics Islands (Majorca, Ibiza, Formentera), Antigua, St Barths and St Maarten.