The latest beta version of the NEXT v0.2 monitoring system

Infinet Wireless has released the latest beta version of its NEXT v0.2 monitoring system. The product will replace the current InfiMONITOR system, with updated functionality implemented.

Core improvements in the beta version of NEXT v0.2:

  • Automatic upgrade to the latest version;
  • New email notification template, which includes an overview of all the created and changed incidents statuses. It allows reducing the number of emails sent;
  • Calendar UI for choosing day and time of the start of tasks execution. Previously it was done manually;
  • Quanta 5 and Quanta 70 product family support, for which metrics collection, incidents creation, and execution of different types of tasks are implemented;
  • Visual improvement of web interface.

The NEXT monitoring system is in the beta testing stage. The stability and the ability to update of an installed system are not guaranteed. The NEXT beta version is for reference only and is not intended for commercial use. OVA image with the last NEXT version is available on the official Infinet Wireless FTP server:

We'd appreciate your help with testing NEXT. Please send your wishes and detected bugs to our technical support service:

We recommend reading technical documentation before use: NEXT EMS.


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