Quanta 5 family devices Software Update

We at Infinet Wireless update our firmware for Quanta 5 family devices, used for setting up PtP links.

We constantly improve the functionality and performance of our Quanta solutions. It’s all about our Software Defined Radio platform which allows to modernize the way the system works in as much detail as possible.

Thus, in the newest release of Quanta 5 firmware, the following features were implemented.

Instant DFS interference mitigation and avoidance algorithm. The device constantly scans the radio spectrum and passes on free frequency without interrupting the connection. It ensures smooth operation of our solutions in unlicensed bands.

  • AMC (Automatic Modulation Control) algorithm revamped. Super-aggressive strategy added, and as a result, the system allows a higher level of retransmissions and maximizes throughput at the same time;
  • SNMP v3 and SNMP traps protocols to support third-party applications for monitoring network condition;
  • Multiple radius servers support implemented to utilize backup servers to prevent loss of access to equipment in case one of servers is unavailable;
  • Syslog server configuration via web UI. Previously it was possible to configure a server via command line only;
  • Web interface updated. System status checking at one glance at status dashboard layout only;
  • Link availability statistics. Displays which modulation-coding schemes were mostly used since the reboot of the system, in percentage terms;
  • Apply/Rollback interface. It helps to avoid losing the connectivity due to incorrect settings. Now, device settings can be recovered if the radio link cannot be established with new settings.

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