Open testing of InfiPOCKET, an app for Infinet Wireless users

The Infinet Wireless team initiated an open beta testing of InfiPOCKET, an Android app set to become a reliable assistant for all those using Infinet Wireless systems.

To date, the functionality of antenna alignment is already available in InfiPOCKET. It is able to display the level of a signal being received from both local and remote devices. We’re convinced this functionality will greatly facilitate the work of professionals who deploy our wireless solutions directly.

We’re going to make InfiPOCKET a one-stop point for accessing the Infinet Wireless Ecosystem. Network engineers will be capable of reaching all the IW Academy materials, quickly finding necessary articles, getting the information about the network status, etc.

Please join our testing by installing the app on your smartphone and providing your feedback. Having it analyzed, we will improve InfiPOCKET and release the first public version.

InfiPOCKET is available on Google Play
Please follow the guidelines to connect your smartphone to our wireless devices here

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