Megafon and Beeline select InfiNet Wireless

The two largest Russian telecoms operators, Megafon and Beeline, have selected InfiNet’s solutions to deploy their next generation high-speed wireless networks across the whole of Russia. Following a competitive tendering process, both service providers decided to work very closely with InfiNet as their technology partner for these strategic and large-scale wireless projects.

InfiNet’s solutions have become known over the years to enable operators of all types to significantly expand their reach and capability to connect corporate clients via high-speed wireless technology. Its solutions provide not only higher bandwidth when compared with other wireless vendors, but also reliable connectivity, interference mitigation, full quality of service (QoS) and longer distances even in the absence of a clear line of sight, especially vital to provide coverage for remote and isolated areas. The main services Megafon and Beeline will be providing using InfiNet solutions will be VoIP telephony, high-speed Internet access, Virtual Private Networks over large areas, video conferencing and CCTV monitoring.

To connect its corporate clients, Beeline plans to use the InfiLINK 2х2 point-to-point family of products, whilst point-to-multipoint deployments will be based on the InfiMAN 2x2 range, both supplied in the 5 GHz and 6 GHz frequency bands. Megafon, on the other hand, will provide wireless services for small and large entities, both in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies, but primarily in the 6 GHz band. Both these networks will be constantly monitored by InfiNet’s InfiMONITOR, a complete software toolbox of network management and monitoring features, which includes flexible viewing options, performance monitoring, configuration of all network elements, user management as well as advanced fault management.

Roman Smirnov, Business Development Director at InfiNet commented, “Together with our partners, Dateline and RK Telecom, we are extremely pleased to have won these large contracts. Megafon and Beeline were impressed by the quality of InfiNet’s solutions, which provides high bandwidth, reliability and complete peace of mind for such large service providers. We have been working with Beeline and MTS for some time now and adding Megafon to our portfolio means that we can now proudly claim that we are now working with the ‘Big Three’.

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