IW Academy Global Training Classes

Get expert training from certified Infinet Wireless professional instructors.

IW Academy enables users to achieve better results from their wireless networks with targeted instructor-led training. Our training is centered on the application of concepts learned in the lecture and demonstrations through hands-on workshops. We provide a workplace for every student so they can individually work with Infinet Wireless unit configuration settings at their own pace. Our instructors keep their skills up to date through ongoing professional development and work closely with our product developers to ensure that prescribed processes reflect the intended products usage and best practices.

To be accommodate for our global users, our instructor-led courses are taught in our training centers worldwide:

  • Bucharest (Romania)
  • Dubai (UAE)
  • Bogota (Colombia)
  • Paris (France)

Regardless of the location, our goal is to deliver world class training so that your team will become proficient with our solutions in an efficient and effective manner. Customer-site training brings the instructor-led course to the customer’s facility, so that you can save on travel time and the associated costs and reduce the impact to your schedule.

To register for a training session, please identify the event that meets your needs via the IW Academy portal Calendar.

To learn more about the available training options, please contact us via email at: academy@infinetwireless.com