Infinet Wireless showcased solutions which would be bridging the digital divide in Africa at AfricaCom 2019

The company has deployed its cutting-edge Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solutions across the continent  

Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, showcased at AfricaCom2019 both its brand-new millimetre-wave-band solution, as well as its leading wireless broadband product families which had been being deployed across Africa, enabling service providers of all sizes to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities.

During the event, taking place in Cape Town, South Africa, between November 12th and 14th, Infinet Wireless also showcased its brand-new Axion 28 portfolio – its latest breakthrough in wireless broadband access within the 28 GHz frequency band. This portfolio was designed to enable operators to significantly increase capacities to the end users and reduce latencies, whilst at the same time reducing capital expenditure and operating costs. 

With Axion 28, Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) multiservice-networks infrastructure can be rolled-out in urban areas and remote landscapes to extend network coverage and bridge the current digital divide. The Axion 28 family of solutions has been designed to support the deployment of high-density multipoint networks that deliver performance up to 1.2 Gbps in only a 56 MHz channel size.

“Infinet Wireless was very much looking forward to showcasing its products at AfricaCom 2019, the leading event in the drive towards enabling digital transformation in Africa, as it is a great platform to demonstrate to the region’s service providers and end users what our solutions can deliver in terms of quality of service and to improve operations” - said Kamal Mokrani, Global Vice President at Infinet Wireless. 

“Our brand-new products that we are showcasing represent an opportunity to all players in the region to speed up the radical digital transformation of Africa’s connectivity landscape. For example, as Africa responds to its booming urbanization with smart city initiatives, our wireless solutions, such as Axion 28, have the capabilities to lay the foundations for smart cities to be built from distributed enterprise networks with as much as 10 km between sites, as well as CCTV and traffic-management applications”  - said Kamal. 

Infinet Wireless also presented its Quanta 70 family of wireless products which signal a new era in the 71-76 GHz frequency bands. This new solution had been designed to enable wireless systems to deliver performance up to 480 Mbps in the 125 MHz band at distances of up to 5 km. The development of this product family was primarily driven by the availability of this licence-free spectrum and can be used to create high-density networks with minimal interference. 

Infinet Wireless’ solutions had been deployed across Africa’s diverse locations and climates, from the aridity of Egypt to the humid tropics of Sierra Leone. In Cairo, a modern ‘Intelligent Traffic System’, delivering dynamic road traffic monitoring and management, had been recently deployed with the main objectives of easing congestion, improving air quality and significantly decreasing travel time, and an ultimate aim of improving productivity of people and organizations of all types. 

“As well as our new innovations, Infinet’s well-proven solutions have all delivered beyond expectations by performing especially well in the unforgiving and varied climates of the vast African continent. As well as the ability to adapt to different geographies, our products can meet the requirements of a variety of markets and customers, including fixed and mobile operations and energy, transportation and government sectors.”

Infinet Wireless will also showcase several upgrades to its point-to-point (PTP) portfolio, including Quanta 5 – the industry’s highest spectral efficiency solution suitable for a diverse range of applications. This includes back-hauling for base stations, transmission of high-resolution CCTV and video streams and providing internet access to remote locations. 

Also on show there was the second generation of Infinet's InfiLINK XG 1000 – a record-breaking solution designed for high performance PTP products, offering up to 1 GBps speeds for applications such as 4G/LTE backhauls, digital oilfields connectivity and homeland security. 

InfiMAN 2x2, Infinet’s point-to-multipoint (P2MP), was also on display. This is a family of products for applications including fixed wireless access infrastructure for operators and enterprise networks, offering high capacity in urban environments and long range connectivity in rural environments.

This event in Cape Town came immediately following a number of landmark agreements across the African market which had been made by Infinet during the recent Russia-Africa Economic Forum and Summit 2019, held in Sochi.