Infinet Wireless to Showcase Its Newest Solutions for a Changing World at SVYAZ-2020 International Exhibition

The company  presented its current line-up at a live event for the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband, has announced the line-up of its latest Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solutions to address the demands of the current market, influenced by conditions such as the 2020 pandemic and greater need for effective connectivity. Infinet Wireless showcased its solutions at the 32nd SVIAZ-2020 International Exhibition on November 2-6, 2020, at Moscow’s Expocentre Fairgrounds.

The company  showcased its Quanta family of solutions, based on SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology specifically for telecom operators. The Quanta solutions are aimed at deployment of wireless Point-to-Point networks in 5 GHz, 6 GHz, and 70 GHz frequency bands. Some models provide up to 750 Mbps throughput.

That includes the Quanta 70 solution, released to the market in December 2019. It operates in 71-76 GHz frequency band and two models, which differ in antenna diameter, for radio channels of up to 3 km and 8 km in length, are available. The potential of the solution to provide stable, long distance connections for telecom operators was highlighted this month as engineers managed to achieve up to 22 Mbps throughput over a distance of 51 km between two Moscow-region towns of Klin and Dubna.

Experts of the company presented to attendees its InfiLINK Evolution and InfiMAN Evolution base stations. These Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint solutions, respectively, provide high throughput. They are compatible with previous generation wireless Infinet products, enabling operators to both deploy new infrastructures and expand coverage of existing networks.

Roman Smirnov, Commercial Director at Infinet Wireless, said: “Our company has always been on top of technology trends. The unfortunate events of the year have triggered us to constantly explore and develop new ideas to react to the changing world, and led us to realize growth potential as a company. For example, we’re currently emphasizing our cost-effective solutions developed specifically for the 71-76 GHz frequency band. Its usage brings many opportunities, given that in Russia it’s not obligatory to get frequency licence for this band. All our solutions were showcased at the exhibition are targeted on needs of the market changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Infinet is well prepared to develop promising products in the current economic situation."


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