Infinet Wireless installs wireless network fit for future in historic Fatih, Istanbul

  • 12 separate networks consolidated into a single platform
  • Millions of residents and tourists to benefit from improved internet access

Millions of tourists and residents in one of the world’s most historic locations of Turkey are now able to enjoy improved broadband connectivity after the global leader in fixed wireless broadband, Infinet Wireless, deployed a new wireless broadband platform. 

Working closely with local partner Radio Teknoloji in Fatih, a large district of İstanbul, all of the area's legacy disparate networks – such as CCTV, hotspot services, intranet, guest services, personnel information system, access control systems, surveillance cameras at parks and gardens and security systems – are now running over one Infinet Wireless infrastructure.

“Making sure the historic district of Fatih had the best and most secure broadband network in İstanbul was a significant challenge for us,” said Kamal Mokrani, Infinet Wireless’ Global Vice President. “Our solution required the installation of 115 Infinet's units across the area and the consolidation of twelve separate broadband networks into one fully integrated platform. We also had to deal with high levels of radio interference which occur across Fatih owing to the density and scale of local buildings and the proximity of surrounding hills." 

The new Infinet platform provides a backbone for the hundreds of CCTV cameras which operate across the municipality, many of which are deployed in the city’s public parks. They can now instantly share their video streams with İstanbul Police headquarters. Visitors to Fatih’s many parks and open spaces also now benefit from free internet, which also extends into some municipal building. Soon all parks and units will be connected too. 

Fatih Municipality’s Technical Manager Koray Sevinç said: “Infinet Wireless and Radio Teknoloji have integrated these different legacy networks seamlessly into one end-to-end solution. All of them can now access the new points of presence running on the Infinet solution, ensuring a consistent and reliable high level of performance all of the time.” 

To achieve an optimum wireless network, Radio Teknoloji worked hard to maximize the performance of Infinet Wireless' products to overcome the interference caused by the Fatih region being full of buildings and hills.

Owing to its unique history, location and architecture, the population of Fatih, the capital district of İstanbul, can reach up to 3.5 million at peak times - making it the largest municipality in the city. The district, which sits at the heart of historic İstanbul, is today home to provincial authorities including the governor's office, the police headquarters, the metropolitan municipality and the tax office, many of which previously had their own separate network.


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