Infinet Wireless has released the latest beta version of its NEXT v0.3 monitoring system

New features and functionality have been applied:

  • Geographic and topology network map
  • The logic of closing incidents have been changed. Incidents will now close automatically when the incident forming rule is not performed
  • A process for removing devices with active tasks has been added. The device may now only be removed when all the tasks connected to it are finished
  • Photos of the InfiLINK Evolution and InfiMAN Evolution product families have been added
  • Statuses of incidents on communication channels and period of creating notifications have been added to incident notifications
  • The interface displaying incidents list has been modified 
  • The links to the device cards have been added to the link card
  • The order of IP address display in the device list and device card has been changed
  • Information on planned downtime has been added to the device card
  • The ability to filter the device list based on their IP addresses has been added

Also, some issues spotted in the previous system version were fixed. 

The NEXT system was improved after taking into account users’ notes. This product soon will replace the current InfiMONITOR system and will be able to perform the previously unavailable operations.


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