InfiNet Wireless enhances its 5 GHz product range

InfiNet Wireless - the global leader in manufacturing of carrier-grade fixed broadband wireless access (FBWA) solutions – today announced a major enhancement to its current 5 GHz range of wireless solutions, including both the InfiMAN 2x2 and InfiLINK 2x2 product families. These enhancements are centered around the launch of a new and significantly more powerful radio transmission module.

All wireless units previously fitted with a transmission power of 18 dBm (equivalent to 63 mW) have now been upgraded with a new radio sub-system which will boost its power to 25 dBm (or 300 mW). This upgrade will effectively extend the link budget, as well as improve availability and achievable link distances.

The specific product families which will receive the upgrade are as follows:

  • InfiLINK 2x2 LITE - all Smn and Lmn models previously fitted with 63 mW radios.
  • InfiMAN 2x2 subscriber terminals - all Smn and Lmn subscriber terminals previously fitted with 63 mW radios.

The correspondence between old and new part numbers is the following:

Old Part Number New Part Number
Smn(c)/5X.300.2x63.2x19 Smn(c)/5X.300.2x300.2x19
Smn/5X.300.2x63.2x23 Smn/5X.300.2x300.2x23
Smn/5X.300.2x63.2x26 Smn/5X.300.2x300.2x26
Smn/5X.300.2x63.2x28 Smn/5X.300.2x300.2x28
Lmn/5X.300.2x63 Lmn/5X.300.2x300

This new enhancement is a clear indication of InfiNet’s R&D strategy of continuous improvement, aimed primarily at delivering even more performance and reliability to its existing portfolio, whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and experience.

The upgraded models are available for the order immediately.

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