InfiNet Wireless Connecting Hospitals Wirelessly

Interview with Kamal Mokrani, Global VP of Sales & Marketing at InfiNet Wireless for Ehealth News, South Africa, November 2016.

InfiNet Wireless has an especially strong presence in the health sector in Saudi Arabia, a sector which has been heavily invested in by government officials to ensure that they have the best medical equipment and healthcare facilities to cater for the growing health needs of the Saudi and surrounding Middle East communities.

“They have the top range of everything, but of course that means that they need good communication behind it to transmit business critical data over long ranges at high speeds. For example, they have a lot of good teaching medical centres where they use our solutions to transmit lectures from visiting medical specialists from, for instance, the US or UK,” said Mokrani.

Over and above teaching purposes, Mokrani added that the InfiNet Wireless solutions enable different regional hospitals to transmit high resolution CAT scans to remote specialists for instant analysis and diagnostic purposes.

“We even had a visiting surgeon perform a heart transplant. He had high resolution cameras all around the operating theatre and table to broadcast the procedure to an audience of about 12,000 experts from around the world. Here the key thing was high definition, which we delivered without a glitch,” said Mokrani.

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