Infinet Wireless announces the release of the latest beta version of the NEXT v0.4 monitoring system

An initial setup interface was implemented in this version, which will help the administrator to set up all the basic system parameters, as well as giving the option to filter and group notifications based on the incidents’ level of importance.

In the early stages of the InfiMONITOR NEXT system development the focus was on monitoring and device management functionality. Today, nearing  the final stages of beta testing and the initial  release, all the developers’ endeavours are aimed at functions which will help to engage with the solution in a better way and increase the efficiency of managing the wireless network.

Directions which the Infinet team are working on now:

1. Incidents subsystem upgrading - the changes will be applied to the incident lifecycle
2. New device card - contains important information about the wireless device operation, including graphics
3. Management tools for disk subsystem - allow administrators to widen the disk space

Other changes to InfiMONITOR NEXT v0.4:

  • Language settings moved to the user profile
  • Devices photos updated
  • Multiple interface improvements
  • The network map is optimized for displaying multiple devices
  • Virtual hard drive size is increased to 100 GB

Our developers upgrade the InfiMONITOR NEXT monitoring system taking into account users’ suggestions. This software will soon replace the current InfiMONITOR system.

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