InfiNet Wireless: 2014 was another eventful year

2014 saw another exciting year for InfiNet Wireless and our valued partners and customers. A year in which we saw our company expand its product and service offerings, explore and successfully develop new markets across the globe, and secure a number of high profile, strategic contracts in the process.

New Solutions

Our biggest technology achievement during 2014 was to launch the brand new family of InfiLINK XG solutions, delivering a record-breaking throughput of 480Mb/s and at the same time boasting the best spectral efficiency available in today’s marketplace. The XG family is able to provide throughputs of over 120 Mb/s in channel sizes of only 10 MHz, spanning distances of up to 100 km with external antennae whilst still maintaining the highest possible uptime availability.

The PRO versions of our InfiLINK 2x2 and InfiMAN 2x2 product families continued to prove their reliability and flexibility across all major markets in 2014, from the intensely hot regions of Saudi Arabia to Russia’s extreme and cold North. This momentum was propelled by product additions, enhancements and new applications for our partners’ key markets such as homeland security, traffic management, energy, water/utilities management and mining.

During 2014, InfiNet Wireless released another brand new line of products and solutions which operate in the 3.2 -3.9 GHz frequency range. The opening of these frequency bands to commercial usage is a major milestone - especially in the 3.9GHz range –and will be of great benefit to European businesses.  Infinet Wireless is well placed to address the needs of the European markets in this sector - until now, operators located in the EU economic zone were not able to capitalize on this frequency resource due to the lack of suitable solutions in the market.

Our first customer project for this new InfiNet Wireless product family was with the wireless operator UK Broadband: based in the UK, they are currently in the process of deploying a fixed network based on InfiNet Wireless’s new solution sets, whilst continuing the roll out of an LTE-based network in the 3.5 and 3.6 GHz frequency bands.

2014 also gave InfiNet Wireless the opportunity to release a number of new ‘accessories’, such as an outdoor lightning protection solution aimed at protecting wireless units from lightning discharges; an all-weather, outdoor DC injector with built-in lightning protection compatible with all InfiNet outdoor units;  and a new TDD synchronisation hub, designed to provide a timing reference to InfiMAN 2x2 base station sectors, eliminating interference between multiple co-located units and enabling frequency re-use within the same site.

Market entry and business development

The past year saw InfiNet Wireless’s successful entry into a number of new markets including Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, the Ukraine, and Belarus. In each of these territories, long-term contracts have been secured with key accounts despite strong competition from the incumbent wireless vendors. Applications range from traffic security in various large cities via the supply of new Intelligent Traffic Management solutions, to providing safe environments for major sports events such as the Brazilian World Cup and the Russian Sochi Winter Olympics.

Other notable success stories in 2014 include:

  • The deployment of a modern IT infrastructure into the oldest universities of Saudi Arabia – including Najran University and the King Abdul-Aziz University;
  • The modernisation of the telecommunication infrastructure of The Ministry of Finance of  Gabon, in Central Africa;
  • The successful roll-out of a new CCTV platform on one of the largest oil production fields in China for China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation;
  • The provision of a modern broadband platform in Egypt, providing real-time video surveillance along a 120 km highway in the region of Ain Sokhna;
  • The deployment of high-speed wireless networks for both emerging and larger operators including Megafon, MTS and Beeline (Russia), Mada (Kuwait), China Telecom (China), UNE (Columbia), and Dekal Wireless, who were recently acquired by Cable & Wireless (Jamaica);
  • A number of major extensions to existing InfiNet Wireless networks across the popular tourist destination of the Penang region of Malaysia, as part of the government’s Safe City programme;
  • The provision of a high capacity backbone to connect numerous warehouses and logistics centres of Mondelēz International Inc., a major goods distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • The mobile communications infrastructure for the St. Petersburg Port Authority, in the waters of the Gulf of Finland.

InfiNet Wireless also successfully gained re-certification for the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008, in the category of design and production of fixed broadband wireless telecommunication equipment.
Finally, 2014 also saw InfiNet Wireless continue to build on its international expansion strategy through participation in the world’s largest international telecommunication exhibitions and industry conferences, such as Expo Seguridad (Mexico), Sviaz-Expocomm (Russia), GITEX (UAE), ECEBE (Hungary), Securetech ASEAN (Thailand), amongst others.

New strategic areas of focus for 2015

We are planning to further expand our presence in the countries of Latin America, Central Asia, Transcaucasia, North Africa, and Central Europe. And, in our vertical market segments, we intend to gradually intensify our focus not only in the carrier segment, but also into sectors covering technological communications systems and metropolitan public safety networks.

In the first quarter of 2015, InfiNet Wireless will also launch the newly-designed Intersectoral Synchronization Systems to the market, which will increase the efficiency of the InfiMAN family under conditions of limited frequency band. The products are currently undergoing their final stages of field trials, and we are pleased to announce that orderability for these new devices has already been opened for our partners. In addition, we are also pleased to announce that, following customer and partner feedback, we are also currently developing a more powerful version of the InfiLINK XG radio bridge, which will be capable of providing speeds of up to 1 Gbp/s in the 5 and 6 GHz frequency bands.

More news

The State of Jalisco in Mexico increased the connectivity coverage in 125 municipalities with the help of Infinet Wireless technology

Infinet Wireless, the global vendor of fixed wireless broadband connectivity solutions, helped Mexican State of Jalisco to increase public connectivity coverage in 125 municipalities during a technological renovation, enabling more than 12,000 sites as well as its schools, hospitals, libraries, public parks, high schools, administrative offices, CCTV networks and tourist places, among others. The project called Red Jalisco included implementation of the 100% Infinet Wireless technology in more than 5,200 remote sites, achieving a capacity of 20 Mbps.

Infinet Wireless will display its cutting-edge solutions for the interconnected world at MWC 2022

Infinet Wireless, the global leader in fixed wireless broadband connectivity, is set to exhibit its solutions for the ever-present connectivity, at Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC), the world’s leading mobile industry and technology event. Focusing on provision of the connectivity in different locations, including smart cities and rural areas, Infinet Wireless will be displaying its cutting-edge solutions for the interconnected world at Stand 1C30 in the Fira de Barcelona venue from February 28, 2022 to March 3, 2022. Additionally, the company’s experts will share their experiences in the field of the latest Infinet Wireless’ deployments around the world.

Infinet Wireless helps ASTEL, one of the largest telecom operators in Kazakhstan, to build wireless network in Almaty Region

The solutions of Infinet Wireless, the global vendor of fixed wireless broadband connectivity systems, formed part of the backbone connectivity radio links in the Almaty Region in Kazakhstan, commissioned by ASTEL, the digital solutions and telecommunications provider. The operator’s professionals chose Quanta 5 and Quanta 6, the stellar Infinet Wireless’ Point-to-Point solutions, for building the links between certain locations as an alternative for the fiber-optic communication lines.