New InfiPLANNER Update

InfiNet Wireless announces that it has updated its InfiPLANNER radio planning tool.

New functionality has been added and several bug fixes and updates have been made available:

  • Installation guide - It is a PDF report with all carrier channel settings calculated by InfiPLANNER. The report contains coordinates, azimuth orientation, tilt angle, height of antennas installation and a short installation manual.
  • Coordinates lock option - this option locks any coordinate variations. It’s impossible to change a point on a map and its coordinates manually with this option enabled.
  • Active Carrier Channel Focus System - an active carrier channel focus option has been added to the right settings menu.  InfiPLANNER focuses on the selected link, which can now also be activated by double clicking onto it. 
  • Updated - Data Copying System - when copying frequency settings users will receive a warning notifications about resetting equipment if previously chosed equipment are incompatible with the new settings. In the previous version equipment was resetting silently.
  • Orphaned points deletion - deletion wasn't available in the previous version.
  • New functionality - project deletion- deleting of projects was not available in the previous version.
  • Settings menu opening when making selection of a point - In the right settings menu the corresponding object will open if the point is selected on a map. 

InfiPLANNER is now available at: (Registration required).

We are pleased to support you with your carrier channel planning and if you have any questions please contact us at:

Best regards,
InfiNet Wireless Team

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