InfiNet Wireless showcases its solutions at Mexico’s Congress of Technology

As part of its drive to expand its presence and footprint in the Americas region, InfiNet Wireless participated in the Congreso de Tecnología 2015 (Technology Congress) at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from 18th – 20th June. The conference and exhibition were organised by InfiNet Wireless’s distributor in Mexico, AVANCES TECNOLOGICOS ESTRATEGICOS SA DE CV.

Focused primarily on technologies and recent advances in the areas of wireless communications and security, the conference attracted more than 30 participants from across 12 of the states of Mexico, with representatives from both the channel and end-user communities in the audience. The congress delivered key agenda topics to the participants through a variety of formats and media; from the presentation of detailed technical papers and customer implementation studies, through to more interactive video presentations and round-table discussions, all of which contributed to an atmosphere of collaboration, openness and sharing of best practices. In particular, the series of case studies and success stories presented by InfiNet Wireless generated a great deal of interest throughout the forum, where partners and customers alike could envision the practical applications and implementation scenarios for the technologies presented.

Across the 3 days of the event, attendees were also able to experience - “hands-on” - a wide portfolio of products and solutions from InfiNet Wireless’s broadband wireless portfolio, as well as video surveillance systems demonstrated by Avigilion and security solutions from Talkaphone; all were arranged to accurately reproduce actual deployment scenarios of customer projects from around the world. Solutions on show ranged from off-the-shelf, fully integrated video surveillance solutions through to newer products and solutions still under development in the labs, where the attendees could scrutinize future products and architectures and assess their evolving feature-sets and operational efficiency developments.

Carlos de la Madrid Business Development Manager at InfiNet Wireless: “InfiNet Wireless's solutions generated a great deal of interest amongst the technical experts here at the congress. They saw the true value of InfiNet Wireless’s high capacity and ultra-reliable communications portfolio in the context of developing solutions for video transmission at the highest levels of image quality. The congress also allowed us to exchange best practice information and ideas across the partner and client communities, helping to designate priorities for the business with our partners and to explore new opportunities for our customers. As such, the congress has been invaluable for helping us with our marketing strategy for InfiNet Wireless products in Mexico, and we are confident that the high levels of interest shown will quickly turn into realizable projects and contracts in the very near future”.

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