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  • Infinet Wireless CEO discusses company strategy and industry trends at GITEX 2019

    ​​Infinet is one of the world’s largest private-owned broadband wireless access development and manufacturing companies which has time, and time again, remained a key player in the world of telecoms through incessantly reinventing itself, diversifying its supply chain with a variety of new offerings and forecasting trends and technologies in advance.
  • Realizing the Possibilities of Smart Cities: A Wireless Way

    As the world becomes smarter, fueled by a current industrial age characterized by automation and data exchange, so too does it become more densely populated and metropolitan. Today, 55 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050, this proportion is forecast to jump to 68 percent.
  • A smarter side of aquaculture

    With populations in the developing world continuing to grow, the need to find new ways to satisfy increased demand for access to food has never been greater. In order to do this, fish farming, or ‘aquaculture’, is quickly becoming a serious contender for the provision of sustainable yield in many countries around the globe.
  • InfiNet Wireless: Pushing the boundaries of traditional wireless technology

    Providing one of the highest spectral efficiencies available in today’s wireless marketplace – even when operating in high interference environments, often experienced in many parts of the Middle East – the new Quanta 5 solution can serve a diverse range of applications, and more specifically back-hauling for Wi-Fi, LTE and 4G base stations, transmission of high-resolution CCTV and video streams, as well as providing Internet access to remote locations.
  • In the loop

    Kamal Mokrani, InfiNet Wireless, UK, details a wireless alternative to satellite and cable-based solutions that can be used in mining to keep remote locations connected, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Global success in critical connectivity in mines: Wireless networking is key With complex extraction processes including exploration, construction and production, mining is a difficult operation at the best of times. However, with automated mining transport moving from prototype to reality, dynamic CCTV needed for safety of workers, harsh terrains and critical information often being transferred from one mine site to another, continuous communication is one of the biggest challenges that mining organisations face today. It is crucial to have “always-on” connectivity – if not, the consequences could be disastrous.