Project realization date - 2012

TatAISenergo, a division of Tatenergy, was founded in 2004 and today has more than 170 employees. It provides technology solutions to the utility industry which include design, construction, installation and the subsequent management and maintenance of IT Infrastructures. One of the main areas of business for TatAISEnergo is providing Smart Grid solutions for electrical energy, gas, water and heat distribution.

TatAISEnergo determined a need for a high capacity wireless network that could be deployed quickly to provide its end-customers’ Smart grid, SCADA and CCTV systems, with up-to-date communications at a reasonable cost, and with the capability to transmit E1 streams. Its customers’ sites are equipped with different sensors that measure energy consumption, temperatures, pressures and other parameters of electricity, water or heat distribution systems.

Analogue or digital signals from these sensors transmit to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) which then send the signals to other equipment (pumps, heaters etc) and also to the Control Centre or archive servers and billing systems, over Ethernet IP protocol. TatAISenergo approached system integrator, Geyser Telecom, for a solution to ensure that these communications - from PLCs to regional control centres or customer headquarters - could be transferred reliably over IP.

Following comprehensive research and a site audit, Geyser-Telecom recommended an InfiNet solution. This was due to the company’s robust and reliable equipment, the high bandwidth of the radio link, high real throughput in comparison with competitors, quick and easy installation and a high quality of service, reach routing and robust security feature set.

Nikolai Akseonov, head of the technical and production department, TatAISenero, commented, “We decided to run a test of wireless channels before we implemented the real system, and we were impressed with how well the InfiNet solutions work in hazardous urban environments.

The InfiNet InfiMAN 2x2 solution encapsulates E1 streams into IP packets with TDM over Ethernet equipment, transmitting from the Base Station to the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), meaning that TatAISenergo is able to connect disparate users, where previously connectivity was unavailable.

Geyser-Telecom also helped TatAISEnergo to get approval for a licensed 6GHz band and a licence for wide wireless coverage including Kazan City and its suburban areas. The current project includes 32 installed and active Base Stations serving 100 CPEs and more are planned within 2013.


  • Fast deployment of a high capacity wireless network
  • Capability to transmit E1 streams
  • Capability to provide smart grid, SCADA and CCTV systems


  • InfiMAN 2x2 Solution operating in 6 GHz range:
  • 32 – R5000-Mmx Base Station sectors (4 sectors in each BS)
  • 100 – R5000-Smc Subscriber Terminals (Small form factor that is optimal for urban installations)

Customer benefits:

  • Robust and reliable equipment
  • High bandwidth of radio link
  • High real throughput
  • Quick and easy installation
  • QoS and reach routing and security feature set
Royal Telecom and Infinet Wireless provide connectivity in Bucaramanga
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Royal Telecom and Infinet Wireless provide connectivity in Bucaramanga

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