InfiNet offers the network stability and performance required to provide safety and security to both staff and users of the Ain Sokhna Free Road. Not to mention, the National Company for Building, Developing and Operating Roads is impressed with its ease of use, network management and potential for scalability as and when required in the future. InfiNet really does offer the best solution to securely carry voice, video and data over a reliable and future-proof wireless infrastructure.

Ahmed Abd El-Fattah,
NextGen’s General Manager

The National Company for Building, Developing and Operating Roads which required a high-capacity broadband infrastructure to provide real-time Surveillance across the strategic Ain Sokhna Free Road, which is 120km long, including monitoring of all of its exit junctions and toll gates. The road has a total of 28 exits that require monitoring 24 hours a day to meet the strict control, safety and security requirements. In addition to this, the road operator also wanted an easily scalable network that it could add new sites and services to in the future without the need to ‘rip and replace’ the existing infrastructure.

It approached NextGen Communications, one of InfiNet’s channel partners in Egypt, to design, implement and commission the entire Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (FBWA) network. NextGen recommended solutions from InfiNet Wireless which are known to be the most flexible and easily scalable solutions available today in the marketplace, solutions which can seamlessly carry both video and voice traffic with no detriment to the speed of the network. InfiNet InfiLINK 2x2 Mmx and Smn point-to-point FBWA wireless infrastructure was selected to provide a series of secure communications links, ranging from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps, offering high speed connectivity to carry the traffic from the IP cameras to the main operating centre in Cairo.

Almost immediately after the initial deployment of the network, the ease of scalability was demonstrated to road operator (the National Company for Building, Developing and Operating Roads) when they needed to implement a new IP telephony system on all exits. The InfiNet network simply and smoothly accommodated the new requirement without the need to add any further hardware or software. 

The selected and deployed InfiNet solution offered proven network reliability to the Ain Sokhna project.


  • To provide a reliable high-speed network for traffic management
  • To provide a large number of data transmission channels, seamlessly combined into a single and manageable platform



  • Scalable design, allowing for additional features to be quickly and easily added in the future
  • Flexible and easy to maintain platform
  • High capacity connection essential for real-time video and voice traffic
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