We tested a number of different vendors before we supported UK Broadband's use of InfiNet as the platform for our wireless network. The solution devised by UK Broadband using InfiNet Wireless technology was the most viable and cost effective one we looked at. Our working relationship was excellent, open and frank and they were always willing to go above and beyond what was contractually agreed to make the project nothing but a success. The attention to service was just what we needed for such a high profile operation.

Andrew Sims,
CCTV Network Project Manager for Dorset Municipality

Dorset municipality issued a highly demanding tender specification and the challenges they posed were indeed met by the InfiNet based solution. Our solution was ultimately selected because it proved to be robust and provided the necessary performance in terms of capacity, speed of deployment, geographical coverage as well as the Quality of Service needed to support video and other data streams. In addition, the solution was designed in the most cost effective manner, meeting the tight budgets made available for the events taking place in Weymouth.

Kamal Mokrani,
Global Vice President at InfiNet

When London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games, the safety and security of both competitors and spectators was naturally of paramount importance. With the sailing taking place in Weymouth, in the south of England, Dorset Municipality had to undertake its largest security operation to date to ensure the safety of thousands of visitors and athletes.

They required a reliable wireless infrastructure that would provide secure CCTV transmission from both fixed and mobile locations. The strict conditions imposed by the Olympic tender committees meant that the selected solution had to be reliable, cost efficient and with no adverse impact on the environment. Taking into account the location of the deployments, the solution also had to be able to withstand harsh sea-air conditions.

UK Broadband Ltd and Quadrant Security Group, working closely with InfiNet Wireless, submitted a proposal to provide a comprehensive solution to Dorset Municipality. This submission, based primarily on InfiNet’s InfiLINK 2x2 and InfiMan 2x2 families of wireless solutions, was ultimately successful in winning the bid.

One of the criteria for securing this contract was InfiNet’s highly robust and reliable solutions which are able to withstand the harshest of environments and can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.

Phil Doyle, Managing Director, Quadrant Security Group, commented, “UK Broadband’s and InfiNet Wireless’ reputation and experience were paramount in the decision to partner with them – and the project was a huge success as a result. Our collaborative approach enabled us to maximise our collective expertise in providing a solution that was consistent, cost effective and most importantly, one that overcame all of the challenges with delivering CCTV transmission over land and sea.

The solution deployed included high capacity point-to-point links within the licensed spectrum, to provide fixed CCTV coverage, and point-to-multipoint base stations for the roaming CCTV connectivity from vehicles. A managed service was also provided which was monitored 24/7, with onsite support to ensure that the service provided the utmost reliability to guarantee the security of all participants present at the events.


  • Spanned a wide geographical area (land & sea)
  • Delivered fixed and mobile coverage
  • Was deployable on a temporary basis and cost efficiently
  • Had no environmental impact
  • Could withstand harsh sea-air conditions

Solution provided

  • InfiLINK 2x2 - wireless backbones with a capacity of up to 280 Mbit s
  • InfiMAN 2x2 – user terminals and base stations with a capacity of 240 Mbit/s per sector.

Customer Benefits

  • Provided required bandwidth
  • Significant reduction in capital and operating costs
  • Large number of connection points
  • Rapid network deployment
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