I would like to thank for ICT Systems and InfiNetWireless for their enthusiastic support and overall performance in supporting this project. The InfiLink 2x2 link offers the same robustness as a Free Space Optic link for a much more reasonable price level.

Maria Kecskes, Head of IT department Toldy Ferenc Hospital at Cegled



The Toldy Ferenc Hospital at Cegléd in Hungary provides medical and hospital facilities to nearly 170,000 in- and out-patients across the region. It has grown rapidly in recent years, and the expansion of its facilities has included the acquisition and development of a number of satellite buildings around the city to house many of its specialist departments, although the overall administration of the hospital still resides at the main central facility.

In 2010, the hospital needed to provision a high-throughput and highly reliable link between their main location and one of their satellite clinics  some 2km distance from the main hospital, with the ability to support a minimum of a 100Mbps full-duplex capacity and offering 24x7 availability.


  • Provide a stable and highly reliable link between main hospital building and satellite clinical centre;
  • Required 24x7 operation because of the nature of hospital business;
  • Required a minimum of 100Mbps full-duplex bandwidth;
  • Needed to be deployed quickly (could not wait for a leased line provision) and cost-effectively (less expense than Free Space Optics).

Solution Technology

Customer Benefits

  • High bandwidth, high throughput link;
  • Highly reliable for a 24x7 operation even across non-line-of-sight paths;
  • Low latency for support of voice and video traffic;
  • Attractive price levels compared to traditional leased lines and free-space optic solutions.
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