Synchronization Unit AUX-ODU-SYNC

Synchronization Unit AUX-ODU-SYNC

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AUX-ODU-SYNC is a TDD synchronization hub, which has been designed to provide a timing reference to InfiMAN 2x2 base station sectors as well as to InfiLINK 2x2 PRO units. In combination with InfiNet’s new proprietary TDMA-based wireless architecture, AUX-ODU-SYNC completes the solution, providing TDD synchronization to its systems, both legacy and newly deployed.

TDD synchronization eliminates self-interference between multiple co-located units and enables frequency re-use within the same site. InfiNet’s implementation supports not only intra-, but inter-site synchronization too, thanks to the fact that the timing reference is GNSS-based.

Datasheet AUX-ODU-SYNC pdf / 648.97 KB