Alignment tool CAB-RV1

Alignment tool CAB-RV1

Is a lightweight and easy-to-use diagnostic tool
Detailed specification
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CAB-RV1 is a lightweight and easy-to-use diagnostic tool. Designed for in-field use during installation and antenna alignment, it allows to monitor critical parameters like:

  • RF link status
  • RF signal levels and packet retransmit rate
  • Ethernet interfaces status and operation mode

CAB-RV1 is intended to provide essential assistance to the installers regardless to the environmental conditions. It is fitted to dust and moisture-proof enclosure and uses super-bright LED indication clearly viewable under shining sun. It is connected to the outdoor unit with a non-freezing silicone cord. RapidView-1 is powered with two AA-battaries sufficient for 25-50 hours of operation.

Datasheet   pdf / 378.81 KB