Characteristic Description

Network nodes data

  • Display of key parameters values for network nodes in real time: status, last reboot reason, model, serial number, etc.

  • Detailed information about every network node: level of CPU utilization, RAM memory capacity, current temperature, network parameters, etc.

Communication channels data

  • Display of key parameters values for communication channels in real time: status, transfer speed, repetitions level, errors level, etc.

  • Ability to view detailed information about downward and upward streams of every communication channel: signal level, utilization, distance, etc.

  • Display of events in the feed with priority and object, for which the event was created.

  • Aggregation of homogeneous events with number of repetitions.

  • Manageable event statuses.

  • Flexible configuration of rules for creating events.

  • Ability to assign individual rules for creating events for different network node groups.

  • Notifications for the responsible employees about events via email with ability to create a text message and configure minimum priority for triggering the notification.

  • Automatic closing of events, if their reason is not relevant anymore or the event is outdated.

Network map

  • Logical map for displaying logical network structure.

  • Geographic map for displaying network structure with connection to network nodes according to actual location coordinates.

  • Display of network nodes using graphic tokens, showing current node status, maximum priority among all pending events, as well as their number. All changes are displayed on the map in real time.

  • Ability to view parameter values of network nodes and communication channels in the network map mode.

  • Creation of diagrams with different parameters for network nodes and communication channels within arbitrary period of time.

  • Long-term storage of data during the previous periods.

  • Ability to return statistical data in a summary table.

Automatic discovery of network nodes
  • Automatic discovery and adding of network nodes and communication channels from the same MINT network. It is sufficient to manually add just one network node from every network.
Install and support
  • The product is supplied as an ISO image.

  • The product is installed automatically using specialized installation software.

  • The following virtualization systems are supported: Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer.

  • InfiMONITOR is updated automatically via network.

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