Links view features
Links summary table
  • Link status and last change time
  • Signal levels, bitrates, retries and errors percentage, traffic load
  • Flexible sorting and filtering
  • Color highlighting of unstable links
Log window  
Link properties Detailed link data updated online
Endpoint properties
  • General information
  • Interface parameters
  • Interface counters
  • RF and MINT parameters
Hosts view features
Hosts summary table
  • Host status and last change time
  • Last reboot reason and time
  • Part number, serial number, software version
Log window  
Endpoint properties
  • General parameters
  • Links
  • Interface parameters, counters and IP addresses
Hosts and links auto discovery using OS WANFleX SNMP proxy functionality
Automatic addition of discovered units
Graphing features
Automatic creation of graphs for all interfaces and links
Shortcut to graphs from link summary table
Flexible and powerful Cacti graphing engine including
  • Unlimited history
  • Configurable views, zoom, etc.
  • Export to CSV

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