ANT-SYNC is an active GPS/GLONASS antenna designed to filter and amplify RF signals received from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and feed them to a GNSS receiver at InfiLINK XG series outdoor units. GNSS receiver recovers timing and positioning data which is used to provide timing reference for TDD synchronization as well as to make device location information available for EMS and NMS systems via SNMP protocol.

ANT-SYNC is a fully ruggedized weather-sealed outdoor unit compliant to IP66 and IP67 water and dust protection standards.

As an active antenna, it protects the receiver from interference coming from co-located 3G/LTE BTSs, which would make GNSS signals irrecoverable otherwise. It requires VDC power for normal operation, which is fed via the RF port, so it can only be used with compatible GNSS receivers such as those built into InfiLINK XG series units.

TDD synchronization allows multiple co-located XG series units to operate co-channel or use adjacent channels thus achieving frequency re-use and eliminate self interference. Because of GNSS-based timing reference, both intra- and inter-site synchronization can be supported. Refer to InfiLINK XG Technical User Manual for more details.