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sys uptime

Displays the system up time since the last reboot and the reason of this reboot.

Figure - "sys uptime" command output

The possible options are:

  • Software fault
  • Unexpected restart
  • Manual restart
  • Manual delayed restart
  • Firmware upgrade
  • SNMP managed restart
  • Test firmware loaded.

sys log show

Displays the unit event log.

sys info -full

Displays the detailed information about:

  • System
  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Flash
  • DFFS
  • License
  • PHY0
  • PHY1.

Figure - "sys info -full" command output

config show

Displays the current unit configuration.

ifconfig -a

Displays the detailed information about network and radio interface.

Figure - "ifconfig -a" command output

license -show

Displays options available in this license

Figure - "license -show" command output


Displays the switch board temperature.

Figure - "ctl" command output


Displays the synchronization statistics via built-in GLONASS/GPS receiver.


Displays the synchronization statistics via IEEE 1588 PTP.


Displays the memory utilization statistics.

Figure - "mem" command output