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CLI is available via Telnet protocol.

In order to connect to the unit use Telnet protocol from the wired LAN with IP-address that is configured for the Ethernet interface of the device by default.

If all above are completed correctly, you will see the WanFlex OS prompt.

Command Line

For device’s management and configuration a Unix-like command line language is used. Every command starts having the power right after "Enter" key is pressed. However, each command lifetime duration is limited within one configuration session. In order to save a current configuration “config save” command is used.

Several commands can be grouped in one line using “;” character. If a wrong-syntax line is met in the group, the rest of the string is checked anyway and the wrong command is ignored. Command name can be shortened unless the ambiguity occurs.

If your terminal supports VT100 or ANSI standard you can move around the list of recently executed commands using cursor keys. Numbered list of these commands can be reviewed by “!h” command. Any command from this list can be available using “!<NUMBER>” command. "TAB" key performs substring search of recently executed commands.

"Ctrl/R" combination refreshes the command string if its content was disturbed by system messages.

The command executed with no arguments prints a short hint about its keys, parameters and syntax.

Context help can be obtained by printing “?” in any position of the line.

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